Monday, July 27, 2009

Documentation for the Forest Garden Immersion Course 2009

The Forest Garden Immersion Course 2009 was a huge success, with 30+ people working to plant another 10,000 square feet of multifunctional forest garden at Camp Epworth. You can see photos at the FGIC09 Flickr group here:

During the course, our documentation team (led by Alice Lo) did an incredible job of articulating exactly what and where everything was planted - from the fruit trees to the herbaceous understory to the patch of king Stropharia mushrooms. To download a PDF file of the raw documentation notebook, click here.

This sort of documentation is rarely done for forest garden & permaculture plantings -- and is totally necessary if we are going to do any legitimate research into the productivity and low-maintenance of Edible Forest Gardens. To learn more about ongoing documentation efforts of forest gardens across the temperate climate biomes of the world, visit the Apios Institute and the official Edible Forest Gardens home page.

Stay tuned for upcoming Forest Garden Immersion Courses in the Northeast and around the world!!!

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